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Tips to make attractive reasonable garden

A reasonable garden is mini garden which is the benefit of protecting the environment surroundings and to make garden it requires more water, large area which has low-impact and it helps on recycling the organic waste. Recently, the awareness of the gardening in the environment is increased and main steps to make the sustainable garden is preparing, planting, watering and maintaining of the garden. First step in making garden is to prepare the appropriate spices which is suited to particular soil and it has very less fertilize with water. In dry season you need to be more care on sensitive plants and it needs large amount of water to survive so choose the native species which is used to survive with less water.

If you choose the species like sunflowers or rosemary plants which has the capacity to defense against the pest. After preparing all the spices then you have to plan for planting the garden, first you have to separate the panting based on the heavy water species and less water species which helps in maintaining the pants in the garden. Reduce the lawn size which is helps in planting and allow the wildflowers to grow in the grass which helps to attract the insects and prevent the soil, after planting the tree, you have to spread the mulch around the plants which helps in maintain the moisture of the plant and maintain the temperature and reduce the weeds. After planting all trees you have to be maintain the garden and watering the plant whenever necessary and collect the rain water or waste water in the barrel or drum to use the water for the plants to grow well and beautiful and use the natural pesticide to grow all the plants without any affects.

Benefits of making the reasonable garden

In planting the trees give the shade for home and also helps in filtering the water and air which reduce the greenhouse gas and soil erosion and some healthy trees gives you cooling like an air conditioner. While planting the trees you must have positive impact on the environment, trees have the capacity to absorb the greenhouse gases and it helps in converting the carbon dioxide into oxygen through the method of photosynthesis. The main reason of planting new trees is because it acts as filters of air and water which helps to reduce the air pollution and the process of transpiration is helps in reduce the air moisture and gives the cooling air effect. The maintain the of trees and lawns in the garden helps you getting fresh air and cutting down the limbs of the tree helps in new growth of the plants and reduce the carbon footprints in the surroundings and prevent the branches of the tree. There are several equipments are available to maintain the trees in the proper growth which we have planted in the garden and we have to trim the death branches which help to grow of healthy tree.

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