The Best Rust Proof Garden Furniture

The right furniture set can turn your backyard into an oasis. Garden furniture comes in a variety of materials meant to add personality to outdoor décor. Outdoor furniture must meet several requirements, including durability and weather resistance. Weather can be your worst enemy when it comes to outdoor furniture. Rust can cause marks on clothes and wear down furniture over time. There are, however, several materials that stand the test of time when it comes to repelling rust.


A classic metal outdoor set is the most traditional, by far. These sets have long been made out of wrought iron. Wrought iron is not rust proof, however, and must be maintained properly. Aluminum is the best metal for all weather wear. Aluminum furniture is also lightweight, so you can move it around the yard as needed for different events. Cast aluminum garden furniture is formed in a mold and can accommodate the addition of decorative textures. Most aluminum sets are made to fit cushions and can be color coordinated to match your other backyard decorations. This sturdy, rust-proof option has surprising durability, as well.

Coated Steel

Steel furniture is much heavier than aluminum and is closer to the classic wrought iron in design. The weight is good for areas with high winds, as it is not likely to blow away. Steel furniture adds a rustic touch to a traditional style garden. Steel can be made out of recycled supplies, making it a great option for environmentally conscious individuals. While steel can be significantly resistant to rust, the only way to make it completely rust free is to coat it with a sealant. The fun part of this is that various colors can be used to coordinate with other outdoor items. Steel is a naturally durable product with classic look.


There are two types of wicker furniture styles. Palm fibers from a variety of plants are used to construct natural wicker. Traditionally, they were hand woven. This construction is beautiful, yet expensive. This material is best used in covered areas, as it is not weather resistant. It is also hard to clean. Moisture can cause irreversible damage. Natural wicker is can be a hassle to take care of, causing many people to choose the synthetic version.

Resin (synthetic) wicker is extremely durable and can be left out in the weather. It can be cleaned with water and even soaked with the water hose. Resin wicker can come in a variety of colors to match your theme, as well. The resins used for this furniture harden fully to create its resistance. These resins are found in plants, giving this furniture a natural defense. Extras include UV inhibitors to keep your designer color from fading, and the ability to resist stains. Most resin wicker products are long-lasting and stand up to children and animals. Wicker is a unique addition to any patio.

Teak Wood

Teak furniture offers a unique blend of outdoor attributes. This hardwood is resistant to the weather due to the fact that it is close-grained. Teak is also known for making its own oils. These oils make the wood resistant to water and various insects. A sealant is not necessary, as teak is naturally protected. The wood changes color over time, from brown to dark grey. Both versions of the wood are a neutral color suitable for any garden. A specific teak sealant can be applied, however, if you prefer the original brown color. Rust is never an issue with at natural wood product.

There are several rust-free options of garden furniture. Aluminum, wicker, a teak, are among them. These innovative materials offer the choice to bring your garden to life with unique designs and colors. Think through the personal requirements you have for your patio furniture prior to making a decision. Heavy furniture might suffice if you have kids and dogs that knock things over, for example. Wicker may blend in well with a traditional rose garden. Modern aluminum pieces may present well in a simple, clean cut backyard with few plants. Materials that naturally fight off damage from moisture are low maintenance, while also beautiful. Make an informed choice today for your garden paradise.



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