Signs That Your Dog Is Healthy

Are you worried about the health of your pet? Come on board as we reveal to you five quick signs to find out the state of your dog. These signs help you understand your dog and know when he is fine or when you have to see a vet. 

Clean Breath

As you cuddle up to your dog, take out time to observe his breath. A healthy dog has a clean, fresh breath. The teeth too should be clean and free from tartar or other unhealthy buildups.

If your dog has diseases like periodontitis or gingivitis, you can quickly tell by looking into his mouth. These diseases affect his teeth, bones, and gums. You would find food, plague, and tartar in the mouth of dogs with periodontitis. So regularly check the mouth of your pet to make sure he is in a good state.

Once you begin to notice a foul odor from his mouth, quickly take your pet to the vet.

Bright and Healthy Coat

Play with your pet and observe the state of his coat. A healthy dog has a clean and shimmering coat because its body system provides it with natural oils to keep the coat healthy. You don’t necessarily have to regularly bathe your dog for the coat to be healthy. In fact, bathing your dog with so much fur can lead to skin irritation.

Always make sure you observe your pet to find out when he is scratching, chewing or licking his coat. This could mean skin allergies and you have to see your vet.

Body Weight

Your pet should always maintain a consistent body weight. If your dog is beginning to add up too much weight, you should visit your vet as obesity is a major health issue for pets too. When your dog is obsessed, he stands the risk of suffering diseases like heart failure, cancer, skin disorders and bone diseases.

Also, if you find out your dog is losing too much weight, it’s a sign of bad health and you need to visit the vet for a checkup.

Dogs should always maintain a consistent weight for it to always stay healthy. You also have to control the portions and type of meal he eats. You can use the Arden Grange meal system for your pet, this will ensure he gets the right nutrients necessary for good health.

Bladder and Bowel Movements

If you notice blood, eggs, mucus, worms, discoloration, watery and greasy coating in the poop of your dog, then you should take him for a checkup as he suffers tummy ache.

These can be signs your dog is stressed or suffers allergies, bacterial infections, food poisoning, bowel disease or other health concerns.

Also look up the color of your pet’s urine. The right color of urine for your pet is a transparent yellow that is clear, pale, amber or golden.

If the urine is too bright or dark, then your dog could be suffering from dehydration. If the urine changes from yellow to orange, the problem could be severe dehydration, gallbladder problems, liver disease or pancreatic problems.

Fitness and State Of Mind

Finally, your dog should be fit and able to run around. He should be eager to play, take a walk and do other fun activities. If your dog is withdrawn, spends time alone, or sleeps too much, then you should visit your veterinarian as they may be a problem.

The following tips will help you take good care of your pet, leaving you a happy dog owner.

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