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Save your favorite seeds properly

Gardening is not a simple thing to do. It needs more time and effort to make it as well as maintain it. Most of the people will have garden in their home and they will not spend time to preserve it properly. It is very important to take care of the plants in your garden to grow them in a healthy way. If you are having a garden in your home, then you must have the basic knowledge to preserve them well. Even if you are beginner, there are many online sources proving video tutorials about the basic things that are to be followed in the gardening process.

Generally if you are having so many plants and trees in your garden, it is impossible to take all of them when you are moving to a new place. It will be a heart breaking moment for the people to leave all those favorite plants alone. You will have to buy the seeds or plants to setup a garden in your new residence. But you cannot assure whether the seed or plant will grow properly. Also you will have no idea on the quality of the seeds. To avoid such problems, there is an easy idea to grow all your favorite plants in your new place.

Most of the gardeners will have the habit of collecting the seeds from their garden. They do it to recreate the same variety of plant even if the existing one dies. You can follow that method to have the source for your favourite plants. If you have the seeds of that flora, then you do not need to worry about moving to a new place. You can use those seeds in your new garden and have your much-loved plants.

There are some basic ides to be followed in collecting the seeds. They are given below:

  • It is always recommended to maintain a seed box to preserve variety of seeds safely.
  • Take a plastic bag or cover which can be sealed. Put the seeds into the cover and seal it without any way for air to enter.
  • Some of the seeds need to be maintained with particular moisture. So you can take some soil and put it along with the seeds in the cover.
  • Some seeds will be soft and it can be smashed easily. Take a cloth and smash them on the cloth. Now the seeds that are present inside will stick in the cloth material. Then place the cloth in the seeds box.
  • Some seeds will be obtained from the flower and it can be stored in the seeds box.

This way of collecting seeds will help you to get back your beloved plants in any place. Mostly it will be needed in the time of climatic changes. Because some plants will be affected in a particular season and it will be grown in a specified season. Hence the gardener can collect those seeds and use it if the plant is dead.

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