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Safeguard the soil’s productivity by doing mulch

Maintaining the garden is not a simple task because the users need to give high priority to it and safeguard the plants from frost. The garden should be maintained in a constant temperature for every season otherwise it will lose its minerals and causes the soil erosion. People cultivate some kind of seeds on a particular season and it should be kept in the same temperature until it grows. However, in the winter season it would be very difficult to keep the soil and its ability to grow the plants. So, the users can do the mulch process in winter season to protect the plants. Here the users can find some simple steps to make the mulch and they can apply the same to their garden.

Importance of Mulch:

The Mulch acts as a layer to the soil and gives the protection for its ability. Due to different climates the soil may lose its quality so the users need to apply the Mulch, which prevents the soil erosion. It preserves the moisture of soil and increases the growth of weed and let the soil to maintain a constant temperature until the season ends. The users no need to buy the mulch from anywhere, because they can make it using grass, debris, clippings and from the leaves. Mulch is an organic fertile to the soil and enriches the productivity of soil.

Steps to do mulch:

  • Initially the users should decide how much mulch they need for their garden. For example, if they want to apply it for the flower beds, the size of the much should be 2inches deep to preserve the soil.
  • Choose a bigger surface to prepare the mulch and collect the fallen leaves for making the base.
  • Use the Wheelbarrow to store the leaves and bring it to the mulch mound.
  • To chop the leaves, the users can use the electric leaf shredder.
  • Use the fallen limbs and other organic materials to prepare the mulch.
  • Chop the large sticks using the wood chipper. The users no need to buy this machine for making mulch because the users can rent it from the local rental agencies.
  • Let the mulch to absorb the fog and frost from the winter.
  • Then the users can apply the organic mulch to their garden on winter and in the spring season. It can be mulched using the rake.
  • The users can make two or 3 layers to their flower bed and it can be applied to any type of garden.
  • With the mulch, the user can additionally add the organic fertile for increasing the growth of plants.

These are the simple steps to do the mulch process. The users who have home garden or any kind of garden are advised to apply the process to increase the productiveness of soil. If the users didn’t follow this process then the soil frost will penetrate the soil in the winter season and reduces its ability to grow the plants.

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