Prevention is the best way to safe guard the health of trees and shrubs

Preventing trees constantly is the important step for safe guarding the health of the trees. Many people think that the trees are not in active at the time of winter so that proper care is not needed for the winter season but it is wrong.

Prevention is always needed one for trees in all seasons. Particularly, you have to provide more care for trees at the winter season because winter makes the food scarcity so that rabbit may heavily affected by the winter season because it contains the home in landscapes. As a result the rabbits may attack the shrubs and trees more especially in the winter season. If you want to prevent your trees and shrubs from the rabbit attack, then you have to take some precautionary step this may helps you to avoid the damages from rabbits.

Factor consider before performing the precautionary steps:

If you want to take some precautionary steps for preventing the tress form rabbit, then you have to consider some elements before starting your precautionary steps.

  • Two things you have to consider before starting the prevention process that is, the type of damages and the type of trees or shrubs.
  • Basically all kinds of shrubs and trees are get damages from rabbits at the time of winter. Especially crab-apple, honey locus and the red bud may affect more than any other shrubs and trees because it contains more food source compare than any other shrubs. So that you have to take more are for this kind of shrubs.
  • The next factor is type of damages, generally rabbit makes two of kind of damages in trees and shrubs.

That is girdling and the chewing of small branches, if the rabbit chews the small branch of trees or shrubs you can easily prevent because it makes few damages. Suppose, if rabbits completely remove or destroy the tissue down to the wood, then preventing shrubs and trees is more difficult because it makes sever damages.

Preventing process:

If you are find out the damage types you may start your preventing process and you never tale too much time to prevent trees and shrubs. For a reason that, if you spend a large amount of time, then trees get more damages from rabbits.

  • One of the most common methods for preventing trees and shrubs form the rabbit is place the chicken wire fencing around plants.
  • Instead of fencing you can use hardware cloth also this may provide the great support to prevent the shrubs and trees form rabbits.
  • If you want to use the fence for prevention then you may choose 24 to 36 inches tall fencing it is sufficient to prevent tree and shrubs form rabbits.

Another method for controlling the damages from rabbits you have to destroy or remove the brush and junk piles. It is the place that rabbit may live or hide so that if you are removing such brush you may avoid the damages.

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