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Prevent trouble in your flower bulbs from rot and pests

Gardening is the most beautiful place in many homes which could be properly maintained by the gardeners. The best little gardening life hack is very useful for planting your flowers which help to protect the plants from the rot, pests and other insects. Some of the destructive predators that often occur in the plants are mice, grubs, gophers, etc. So, it is important to protect the flower bulbs from the pests and rot. There are some possible ways available to protect the flower bulbs. First, you should make a bed for the planting place, so you have to place 5 or 6 bulbs in the plastic bag and add three tablespoons of baby powder in it. Now you seal the bag and shake it well until it mixes thoroughly. At the end, the bulbs are nicely coated with the baby-powder which helps to protect the flower from the pests.

There are some common types of pests in the flowering bulbs are slugs, aphids, bulb mites and snails. Also, the addition of bulb flies, borers, thrips and leaf rollers can cause problems for the particular flowering bulbs. But the slugs and snails are not insects; they are larger pests of flowering bulbs. You can prevent any types of insects and pests from the flower bulbs, but you have to follow a proper way. The aphid is a pest which looks small, soft- bodied and pear shaped structure. There are different varieties of species available in this pest, but vary in color like yellow, green, pink, black. This kind of pest does not have wings so it is not able to fly for a longer distance.

The best way to control the insects and pests are using some insecticides that are widely available on the local market. Usually, these pests are very difficult to control with the help of chemicals because it sometimes able to multiply the species rapidly. So, the insecticides are a great way to kill the pests that making the problem severely. Even, the insecticidal soap is also available that you can spray both leaves and the entire plant to control the pests from the flower bulbs.

How to protect flower bulb from the insects?

You can protect the flower bulbs from the pests and insects either of two ways, such as insecticidal soap and coating of baby powder.

  • The insecticidal soap is mostly available on the market that you can easily buy it anywhere. But, the main thing is choosing the branded products to kill the pests effectively.
  • You can also prepare a solution in your home with a few simple steps. It is named as the planting protection solution.
  • This solution is made by the mixture of baby-powder with water and flower bulbs, and then sealed in a plastic bag.
  • After a few shakes of plastic bag, you can get the flower bulbs with a nice coating of the baby-powder.
  • You can take out the bulbs from the bag and cover it on a plant as you would normally.

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