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Plants that grow over winter

Many people let their vegetable plot stand neglected during winter. They are several vegetables that can grow throughout the months of winter. Vegetable growing during winter let people to extend the cold season. The vegetables grown in winter can produce crops earlier than spring plantings. Most of the winter plants are hardy to cope with the cold weather. If there occurs any severe frosts, people can throw fleece across the plants to offer some extra protection to the plants. Most of them can be sown directly outdoors or planted to make sure that the cold season vegetable garden is completely stocked. Let us see the three main crops that people can harvest during their winter.

They are:

  • Kale plant
  • Broccoli
  • Arugula

How to plant and harvest kale

Russian kales can be easily grown in a hoop house that is organically managed. People can plant kales early spring with other winter vegetables. They will get the leaves sprouting from the stem during the months of winter. Most of the winter greens have to be sown during the fall. There are many species of kales you can grow over winter. While harvesting the kale plant avoid large leaves at the bottom of the plant. Older leaves or leaves that grown first will look paled. So, while harvesting the plant choose the leaves that are fresh.

How to plant and harvest arugula

Arugula is a type of spicy green leaves that grows best during the winter months. The best species for cooking is wild or common arugula. This contains more intense flavor than other species of arugula. You can sow the arugula seeds directly in shallow rows that are 3 or 4 inches apart. When compared with kales the growth of arugula will start lately. You can harvest this plant by any of the following ways cut, pull or graze. People can graze or pinch the leaves during the early season during which the leaves are one or two inches long. Once the plant grows to some inches high you can use a shear to cut one third of the plant. Finally people can pull out the plant towards the end of winter when the plant begins to flowering. Kale leaves can be added with salads and sandwiches.

How to grow and harvest broccoli

Broccoli plants have to be sown during the late summer. You can start growing the broccoli seedlings indoors for about 5 weeks. Then transplant the seedlings to the outdoors. If the weather is too cold, you can protect this plant by covering them with a frost blanket. Broccoli plants grown from the seed can be harvested between 100 and 150 days. If they are grown from transplants, they can be harvested between 55 and 80 days. While harvesting cut the buds while they are tight and still green. Cut the head with at least five inches of stem.

Some other plants you can grow over winter are onions, garlic and lettuces. A little planning is enough to grow plants and vegetables during winter.

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