Plant or Replant a tree in your garden

The global warming is a severe problem and to reduce every family should plant at least a tree in their house. If the house has garden in the backyard, then it is easy to plant various trees and it is also possible to replant the bigger trees. However, the users are advised to seek help from the plant & replant experts, who can provide the best service. Having more trees in the garden will provide the adorable look to the house and the user can get some vegetables or fruits from if for their home purpose. Most of the people are not aware about planting the trees so they are advised to find the basic planting and transplanting procedure.

How to choose the plant or trees?

Before start doing the gardening process, the users are advised to consider the following things. The growth of trees or the plant is depends up on the sunlight, locality and the nature of soil. So, the users need to choose the right one for their garden.

  • Buy the plants that suits with your climate and locality.
  • Before digging holes, make sure that it doesn’t have any pipelines or wires beneath the land.
  • Choose the place, where it gets the sunlight and air.
  • Use the appropriate gardening tools or hire the Gardening Professionals.

Directions to plant & replant:

After considering the above mentioned things, the users need to buy an appropriate tree or plant. Else they can replant verdure tree, which is already grown.

  • Initially mark the place, where you are going to plant the tree. Measure the size of root and dig the hole according to it. The Dig should be 2-3 Feet wider for planting a tree.
  • Gently place your tree on the hole gently and remove the burlap of tree’s root to place it in the hole.
  • It should be placed in right position and direction for having sun light. Staking the tree is optional but it help the tree to grow straight.
  • If you want to transplant a tree then select the apt sapling first then dig the hole in round shape.
  • Then grab the plant and place it in the hole properly. The gap between the transplant tree and the hole should be 1 Feet.
  • The hole should be adjacent to the plant otherwise the plant will stand in the hole.
  • Re water the plant and stake the sapling with 2 vertical bars. A rope can be tied with the sapling and bars to make stand them straight.

By using these steps the users can plant the trees in their garden. It is very simple to follow and applicable only for the small saplings and trees. If the users need to transplant a bigger tree to their garden, then they should contact the transplanting professionals to achieve it. Planting the trees or saplings will provide the purified air and let them to enjoy the nature’s view in their house.

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