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Make your garden as more colourful with bulbs

If you want to make your garden as more colourful in winter, then you may plant some beautiful bulbs in your garden. It may provide the attractive and colourful atmosphere to your garden. Planting the bulbs is not only for the purpose for getting the colourful aspects but also it may provides the best companion to the un-drain soil. It means if your soil does not drain well, then you may then you may add some grit or sand at the bottom of the bulbs.

In the adding process is possible for making the well drainbed soil is not suitable for other planting procees, that why bulb is considered to be the best companion for the un-drained soil. You have to add some grit or sand before planting then only you may plant the bulb. Otherwise you never get any fine result of your bulbs planting in your garden.

Guideline for planting bulbs:

Normally planting the bulb is very simple and easy so that you never get any strain to make the bulb planting. Before starting the bulb planting process you have to check the needed things for the bulb. In such basic elements is nothing but the proper location and the well draining soil.

  • Bulbs get some trouble to grow in the sandy soil so that you may add some organic substance that would helps to avoid the problem in your bulb planting.
  • Now you may enter into plant the bulbs, the first step is to you has to make the hole for plant the bulbs.
  • Based on your planting quantity you may make the trench, if you plant the single bulbs, then you may use the trowel to make the hole and then you no need to make huge trench in your garden. Other than, if you want to plant a lot of bulbs, then you may use the shovel and make the trench.
  • The second step for planting the bulb is to add the fertilizer for the bulb and make sure that you have to add the fertilizer at right proportion.

You may use the higher phosphorus fertilizer in your bulb planting it may provide the huge result for your planting. Do you know? In this fertilizer is one of the most important substances for the root growth and also it helps for a flower production. For such benefits you may use the phosphorus fertilizer for bulb and you just sprinkle the fertilizer on the bulb.

Rules for planting the bulb:

  • In your bulb planting you have to follows some basic rules, and then only you may do your planting function in the right order.
  • The basic rule is measure the size of the bulb because not all bulbs are having the same size. For such reasons, you could not plant all kinds of bulb in the same depth.
  • So that you have to find out the size of the bulb through that you may plant the bulb.

You have to make three times deep as the bulb natural height it is the general term or rule for planting the bulb. Now you may reach the final stage of bulb planting that is place the bulb in correct order.

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