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How to protect your trees from lightning

Many of you frequently only hear about some instances when lightning strikes buildings and humans. However, the arborists have proven that the trees are the most general victims due to the lightning effects of the clouds. Most of the lightning bolts will only pass on a way through the trees to the ground. It occurs because the trees contain huge amount of water that is a very good conductor of the electricity than air. A trunk of the trees particularly has a high concentration of water source near to the cambium immediately under its bark.

As the electricity powder from the lightning flows through the water content in the tree trunk, it causes a tree blast, or to boil explosively, or sometimes throwing tree pieces over one hundred feet. When you have large numbers of trees in your garden or near to the house, it is your responsibility to take some protective measures to save your trees from lightning.

Protecting trees from lightning:

One of the best ways to protect your trees from lightning is to have lightning rods installed. A lightning rod is simply a device which is very effective in protecting the trees from the harmful effects of the electricity come from cloud lightning. These rods will totally rescue entire structure of the trees. The lightening rod metal will provide a better even conductor than the moisture in the tree trunk. So, the lightning bolt is direct down to the ground without any injuries to your tree. It is a very simple and too effective way of protecting your trees from the damages caused by the lightning.

As it will not be practically possible to install a lightning rod in every tree, you can narrow down whole list of trees that should be protected from the effects of lightning by considering these necessary factors.

  1. Tree species – Some of the tree species will be less or more vulnerable to damage by cloud lightning because of the unique characteristics of the particular species.
  2. Tree height and its proximity to the house – Many of you are scaring about whether the lightning damage of the trees will damage your valuable home property or not. If you are not sure about it, every house owner needs to require lightning protection. Your complete safety is ensured by hiring a certified and experienced arborist who can inspect your trees and give expert advice about protection.

There are so many numbers of certified and fully trained arborists available to provide a service regarding lightning protection and safety audit to the house or other building owners who have trees in their places.

Many protection companies are providing this service to save trees and your house property from the damages due to cloud lightning. When you are choosing an arborist from the independent protection company, he will design an excellent lightning protection system which is certainly tailored to your requirements. These lightning protection equipments are extremely important to protect your trees and also a valuable home property.

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