Every home must have witch hazel

A house can get a different environment when it has garden. Most of the houses will have a separate space for the garden and it will be maintained by the house owner. In the recent days, many people are interested in the gardening and they are planting variety of seeds in their garden. Some of them will prefer fruits and vegetable plants to get those things naturally. Some of the people will be having interest in decorating their garden with different flower plants. Whatever the plant, they need to take care of those plants in the proper way. Maintaining a garden is not a simple task and it need more time and effort. Hence people who cannot afford their time cannot keep up the garden.

Since there are many varieties in the flower plants, people can choose anything as they wish. But they must whether the plant can be maintained in their place. Because the flower plants will be grown on a particular season and they may die in other seasons. Hence the gardener must have an idea about the plant seasoning accordingly he or she has to choose the plant. For example, witch hazel is a flower plant and it is mostly found in the countries such as United States of America. If the climatic conditions are changed, the plant will not have any flowers.

Actually, the witch hazel plant is in two different categories. One type of witch hazel will be normal inthe winter season and the other one will be having flowers in the spring season. If you want to have witch hazel in your garden, you have to think about the season of your location. In the time of other seasons, the plant will have dark green leaves and it will not have flowers. Most of the people will prefer this plant for its beautiful flowers and it smell. It will have a pleasant smell and hence it will be spread to the whole garden.

There are some natural benefits in the witch hazel and it is been used for various purposes as follows:

  • Natural Astringent: Since the witch hazel includes the high concentrations of tannins, it can be used to remove the excess oil in the skin and it can also cure the pores in the face. The regular use of the witch hazel will also prevent the occurrence of the blemishes in the skin. It can also eliminate the black heads.
  • Brighten the area around eyes: It the ability to tighten the skin and it can also reduce inflammation. The usage of witch hazel will give brightness to the dark area around the eyes.
  • Prevents bleeding: the witch hazel can be applied on the cuts and wounds. It can act as a fast healing agent. It will also stop the bleeding immediately.
  • After shaving: Some of the people may feel burning after they shave. Those people can use this witch hazel to stop that irritation.
  • Treating the gums: The witch hazel mouth wash can treat the damaged gums.

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