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A guide to tree pruning and trimming

Pruning and trimming the trees have several benefits. Home owners or real estate owners can prune the trees within the boundary of their asset can support them in increasing the value of the property. Several people include this process in the renovation process to sell their home or other asset to the best price. Pruning is an added benefit to the value of a property. There are several reasons why you trees are pruned and trimmed. Pruning may help in removing the storm damaged or diseased branches of tree. It can also thin the crown for permitting better air circulation and new growth. Even trees are pruned to minimize the height of the trees and remove the obstructing lower branches.

How to start the pruning process

  • The process of tree pruning begins with understanding the objectives of the property owner.
  • Discussions will be made with the contractor and the owner to analyze the risks associated with the pruning process as well as analyzing the appearance and condition of the trees. Even they will discuss about shaping the size of the trees.
  • Next in the process is selecting the best tools to cut the trees. Owners have to make sure the tools are sharp enough to cut the trees. Even they need to choose the right tool that can suits their objective of pruning the trees.
  • Safety is an essential consideration property owners have to make ready. Owners have to wear safety helmet before starting the process. It is better to hire a professional to get the job done easily and effectively.
  • The two primary cuts used in the tree pruning process are thinning and reduction cuts. The thinning cut is used to reduce the mass of the tree part. The reduction cut is used to reduce the links or branches properly.
  • Owner can get help from a tree care industry association to get help with tree pruning process.

Once the decision of pruning the tree has been made, owners have to decide whether to tackle the job on own or leave it to a contractor. In case, you have many large trees where you need to cut off many big branches at the crown, it is best to hire a professional and expert contractor in your area. Large tree pruning require heavy saws, chain saws and climbing. This is a task that has to be left to experienced and trained professionals. Owners must never compromise their safety in pruning process.

Pruning trees have several benefits. The most important benefit is keeping the human life around it safe. Dead or damaged branches can fall at any time and endanger the people,

power lines and buildings. So, removing the dangerous branches and maintaining a harmless tree is best to increase the value of a property. Pruning can become dangerous according to the tree size and location of the big branches that have to be pruned. Experts recommend owners to let an expert prune the trees to ensure their own personal safety.

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